The Innovative
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The Innovative, FREE List-Building System That Provides You With Your Very Own Lead Capture Page, Autoresponder & More Than 250 Quality MRR Product Downloads To Include To Entice Your Prospects!

The must-have, affordable opportunity that is the perfect way for new or experienced marketers to promote their own program while increasing their income by selling on autopilot 24/7

For any online or offline marketer that wants to increase their income by attracting more prospects to their offers, the work involved can often be timely and somewhat confusing for the new... Not only that, but it can also become an expensive undertaking that uses up precious revenue over time. On top of all that, most affiliates are promoting and building a list for other people, when they could be doing it for themselves and reaping the full rewards!

We understand exactly what marketers go through to attain new leads because we have been there ourselves. Thats why we created this innovative, new system -- to be used as a powerful marketing tool to build your own business.

The best thing about this system is that you can utilise it to grow your own list, generate extra income and build credibility. It helps you to effectively boost your business from being a simple affiliate up to the next level and beyond.

10 Instant Benefits

The InnovoList system provides you with the following benefits :


A fully-featured system designed for ease-of-use and flexibility that will enable you to take control of your business.

(This saves you time, effort and money learning about which business systems work, because that has already been done in advance for you.)


You can choose from our splash page template library that includes # pre-loaded lead capture pages for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can build a custom template using your own images. Our modern splash page templates are designed to attract new prospects to your secret download offer with professionally written copy. Click here to see an example

(This saves you from needing web design and copywriting skills you may not have, and also to be creative if you desire.)


Includes more than 250 new products that you can choose from to offer your prospects in different ways at your program. These tempting titles are latest release downloads, and hard to resist for active marketers who want MRR products in exchange for providing their email address. (Saves you paying for new products to offer your members.)


The ability to offer your own bonuses at each autoresponder message.

(Helps you giveaway more of your own products or external free affiliate-associated products that will make you more money.)


We can host your new lead capture page on our servers and allow you to upload any images you wish for branding and sales purposes.

(Saves you money on hosting fees and technical know-how.)


You also have the option to use your own domain for your opt-in page if you prefer. We give you the ability to forward your domain to your new splash page (eg.

(Allows you to still brand your own business name and add value to existing/similar branded sites if you wish.)


Built-in autoresponder system is included.

(This saves you the monthly autoresponder fees normally associated with automated list builders.)


Built-in affiliate program is included.

(You have an instant sales force promoting your splash page for you, saving you time and advertising costs.)


In compliance with FTC Anti-Spam regulations, an unsubscribe link is automatically inserted into each message sent out, and you can set the disclaimer message to display at the top of each email sent.

(This ensures you dont get accused of spam or fined by the FTC by operating in accordance with their regulations.)


You have access to customer support any time you need it.

This saves you time if there is something you need to know the answer to quickly.)

Jam Packed With Features

Following are just a few of the features you can enjoy as a member when you join InnovoList today :

  • Easy-to-use control panel where you setup your preferences for your new program.
  • Offer your prospects as many bonus downloads as you wish with any autoresponder.
  • Ability to view, add, edit, delete or email your subscribers.
  • Function to view, add, edit, delete autoresponder messages.
  • At-a-glance viewing of :
    • Total subscribers
    • No. of subscribers currently subscribed
    • No. of subscribers currently pending
    • No. of subscribers who have been removed from the system
    • No. of mailings sent by the Administrator
  • And so much more!

Take Advantage Of The Time-Saving, Profit-Pulling
Benefits Of InnovoList & Start Engaging Your Prospects Today!

Now that you are aware of the tremendous benefits you can receive and the functional features of InnovoList, it is time to compare and choose a membership level that suits you from the options below...

Complete list building system
Autoresponders system
No. of emails can send up to daily 1 5
250+ MRR product downloads to offer as bonuses
InnovoList sponsored ads included on website & in emails
Add your own sponsor ads on website & in emails

Think about this for a moment... When you compare our service with other well-known autoresponder companies, guess how much you had be paying for their services? $19/mth for up to 500 subscribers and $15/mth for up to 1000 subscribers respectively! They also dont provide you with a hosted splash page, bonuses to offer, or advertising to include on their site on in emails do they?

Thats why you really must take action to set yourself up for making more money in the future right now, while you are here at the right place and the right time to make a real difference. Think about the difference having your own list will make to your future promotions, about what you can promote and make money from quickly and easily. It is definitely possible for you now that you have discovered InnovoList!

Consider the options before you and make the decision to take advantage of this incredible opportunity before you to advance your business dramatically now. Click the membership level of your choice below and continue to join InnovoList today, for a bigger list tomorrow!

Rohit Seth
CEO, InnovoList

PS. If you are not sure if this is for you, but you have been marketing online... I urge you to signup for the free membership and try it out for yourself. When you see how easy it is to setup and promote to build your own list with our system, you can always upgrade later.

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